• faculty

  • Jane Bennett

    Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Humanities, Departments of Comparative Thought and Literature (CTL) and Political Science,
    Director of Graduate Studies (CTL)

    • Gilman 194
    • 410-516-5230
    • Research Interests: Political theory, American political thought, ecophilosophy
  • Evelyne Ender

    Senior Lecturer

    • Gilman 242
    • 410-516-4884
    • Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century literatures, literary criticism and theory, psychoanalysis, feminist criticism, and gender, memory studies, body-mind issues
  • Satoru Hashimoto

    Assistant Professor

    • 410-516-7619
    • Research Interests: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean literatures and cultures; modernities and modernisms; comparative literature, aesthetics, and intellectual history; aesthetics and justice; post-secularism; world literature
  • Leonardo Lisi (he/him)

    Associate Professor, Diversity Champion, Executive Editor, Comparative Literature Issue, MLN

    • 410-516-8359
    • Research Interests: European literature of the long 19th century, European modernism, Kierkegaard and German idealism, tragedy and the tragic, philosophical aesthetics and literary forms
  • Paola Marrati

    Professor and Department Chair

    • Gilman 220
    • 410-516-0542
    • Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary French Philosophy, American Pragmatism and Skepticism, Moral Perfectionism, Cinema and Philosophy, Gender Studies
  • Yi-Ping Ong

    Associate Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Honors Program

    • Gilman 218
    • 410-516-6500
    • Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century literature and philosophy, the novel, modernism, existentialism, ethics and justice in contemporary world literature
  • Elizabeth Patton

    Senior Lecturer

    • 603-321-9692
    • Research Interests: English and continental literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; early modern women writers; post-Reformation English Catholicism and women’s networks; the evolutionary history of the Petrarchan sonnet
  • Lisa Siraganian

    J. R. Herbert Boone Chair in Humanities and Professor

    • On Leave: Spring 2023
    • Gilman 226
    • 410-516-2367
    • Research Interests: American literature, modernism, law and literature, literary and legal theory, aesthetics, philosophy of action, pictorial modernism, film, 20th century intellectual history
  • staff

  • Margaret Burri

    Librarian for Digital Scholarship

  • Jason Oliver

    Jason Oliver

    Systems Engineer

  • Marva Philip

    Marva Philip

    Department Administrator
    Graduate Admissions Coordinator

    • Gilman 213
    • 410-516-7619
    • Education: MBA, Johns Hopkins University
  • Mackenzie S. Zalin

    Librarian for Modern Languages and Literature & Comparative Thought and Literature

  • professors emeriti

  • Eckart Förster

    Professor, Department of Philosophy

    • Gilman 292
    • Research Interests: Metaphysics; history of philosophy; Kant and German idealism
  • Michael Fried

    Michael Fried

    Professor Emeritus of the Humanities
    Academy Professor, Johns Hopkins University

    • Gilman 222
    • 410-516-7618
    • Research Interests: Modern art, literature, criticism, and theory; Italian painting in the age of Caravaggio
  • Neil Hertz

    Neil Hertz

    Professor Emeritus

  • Ruth Leys

    Ruth Leys

    Professor Emerita of the Humanities
    Academy Professor, Johns Hopkins University

    • Research Interests: History and theory of psychoanalysis, history of psychiatry and psychology, 19th- and 20th-century intellectual history, feminist theory
  • Gabrielle Spiegel

    Professor Emerita, Department of History

    • 410-516-5075
    • Research Interests: Medieval history, with special interest in historiography and linguistic analysis
  • Hent de Vries

    Professor Emeritus of the Humanities

    • Research Interests: Modern European thought, history and critique of metaphysics, philosophies of religion, political theologies, religion and media, literature and temporality
  • postdoctoral fellows

  • Paula Mendes

    Paula Mendes

    • Gilman 240
    • 401-516-7619
    • Research Interests: Philosophy of time, metaphysics, aesthetics, Brazilian literature, Latin American literature.
  • associates

  • Frances Ferguson

    Associate, Department of Comparative Thought and Literature, Ann L. and Lawrence B. Buttenwieser Professor of English at the University of Chicago

  • Philip Fisher

    Philip Fisher

    Associate, Department of Comparative Thought and Literature, Felice Crowl Reid Professor of English, Harvard University

  • Affiliated Faculty

  • Sharon Achinstein

    Sir William Osler Professor of English, Department of English

    • Gilman 24
    • 410-516-5575
    • Research Interests: Early modern literature, poetry, and poetics, gender
  • Veena Das

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Department of Anthropology

    • Mergenthaler 441
    • 410-516-0630
    • Research Interests: Everyday life, ethics, anthropology and philosophy, urban transformations, poverty, violence, gender, social suffering, aesthetics, South Asia, Europe
  • William Egginton

    Decker Professor in the Humanities
    Director, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute
    Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures

    • Gilman 470
    • 410-516-7510
    • Research Interests: Literature and philosophy; psychoanalysis; foundations of physics; early modern European literature and thought; modern Latin American literature
  • Yitzhak Y. Melamed

    Charlotte Bloomberg Professor of Philosophy

    • Gilman 274
    • 410-516-0568
    • Research Interests: Early modern philosophy, German idealism, metaphysics
  • Christopher Nealon

    Professor, Department of English

    • Gilman 18
    • 410-516-6046
    • Research Interests: American literature, aesthetic theory, poetry and poetics, intellectual history
  • Michael Williams

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Department of Philosophy

    • Gilman 270
    • 410-516-7030
    • Research Interests: Epistemology, philosophy of language, history of modern philosophy
  • Dimitrios Yatromanolakis

    Associate Professor, Department of Classics

    • Gilman 104
    • 410-516-7557
    • Research Interests: Greek papyrology, ancient Greek vase inscriptions, archaic and classical social and cultural history, ancient Greek vase painting, historical and comparative anthropology
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