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Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.001.196 (01)FYS: Love and its Maladies: A Short HistoryT 4:15PM - 6:45PMEnder, EvelyneGilman 134Fall 2023
AS.001.197 (01)FYS: Doctors and Patients: A Few Case StudiesMW 10:30AM - 11:45AMEnder, EvelyneGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.010.238 (01)The Painting of Modern Life: From the Avant-garde to the EverydayTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMSchopp, Caroline LillianGilman 177Fall 2023
AS.040.121 (01)Ancient Greek Mythology: Art, Narratives, and Modern MythmakingMW 4:30PM - 5:45PMYatromanolakis, DimitriosGilman 108Fall 2023
AS.100.306 (01)Cultural History of the USSRTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMSchmelz, Peter JohnHodson 210Fall 2023
AS.100.338 (01)Islam and DuneMW 12:00PM - 12:50PM, F 12:00PM - 12:50PMNoor, Rao Mohsin AliAmes 218Fall 2023
AS.100.338 (02)Islam and DuneMW 12:00PM - 12:50PM, F 11:00AM - 11:50AMNoor, Rao Mohsin AliAmes 218Fall 2023
AS.190.180 (01)Introduction to Political TheoryMW 11:00AM - 11:50AM, F 11:00AM - 11:50AMSimon, Josh DavidMergenthaler 111Fall 2023
AS.190.180 (02)Introduction to Political TheoryMW 11:00AM - 11:50AM, F 11:00AM - 11:50AMSimon, Josh DavidMergenthaler 111Fall 2023
AS.190.180 (03)Introduction to Political TheoryMW 11:00AM - 11:50AM, F 3:00PM - 3:50PMSimon, Josh DavidMergenthaler 111Fall 2023
AS.190.180 (04)Introduction to Political TheoryMW 11:00AM - 11:50AM, F 3:00PM - 3:50PMSimon, Josh DavidMergenthaler 111Fall 2023
AS.211.314 (01)Jewish in America, Yiddish in America: Literature, Culture, IdentityMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMSpinner, Samuel JacobGilman 381Fall 2023
AS.211.323 (01)Bees, Bugs, and other Beasties: Insects in LiteratureTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMFrey, ChristianeGilman 186Fall 2023
AS.211.361 (01)Dissent and Cultural Productions: Israeli Culture as a Case StudyTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMStahl, NetaGilman 413Fall 2023
AS.212.337 (01)Illness and Immunity in Postwar French LiteratureTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMKheyrkhah, ClaraGilman 10Fall 2023
AS.300.303 (01)Stories of the Land: Nature and Narratives in Chinese LiteratureT 1:30PM - 4:00PMAn, Mengqi MercyGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.325 (01)Origins of Postwar Japanese and Japanophone LiteraturesWF 12:00PM - 1:15PMHashimoto, SatoruGilman 119Fall 2023
AS.300.330 (01)Modern East Asian Literatures Across BoundariesF 1:30PM - 4:00PMHashimoto, SatoruGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.335 (01)Contemporary Opera and Literature: Identity, Society, PoliticsTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMSchmelz, Peter JohnGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.372 (01)Children’s Literature and the Self: From Fairy Tales to Science-FictionMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMJerzak, Katarzyna El?bietaGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.421 (01)Introduction to Concepts and Problems of Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Critical TheoryTh 2:00PM - 4:30PMMarrati, PaolaGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.100.411 (01)AI and Data Methods in HistoryM 5:00PM - 7:30PMHyman, LouisGilman 377Spring 2024
AS.211.333 (01)Representing the HolocaustMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMSpinner, Samuel JacobGilman 443Spring 2024
AS.211.437 (01)Literature and MemoryW 1:30PM - 4:00PMSpinner, Samuel Jacob Spring 2024
AS.212.477 (01)Caribbean Fiction in/and History: Self-understanding and ExoticismTTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMDesormeaux, DanielShaffer 301Spring 2024
AS.213.374 (01)Existentialism in Literature and PhilosophyT 3:00PM - 5:30PMGosetti, Jennifer Anna Spring 2024
AS.213.460 (01)Animals and Animality in Literature and PhilosophyW 3:00PM - 5:30PMGosetti, Jennifer AnnaBloomberg 278Spring 2024
AS.300.102 (01)Great MindsTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMMarrati, PaolaGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.300.322 (01)Lu Xun And His Times: China’s Long 20th Century And BeyondWF 12:00PM - 1:15PMHashimoto, SatoruGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.300.337 (01)The Tragic TraditionTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMLisi, LeonardoGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.300.363 (01)Reading Judith ShakespeareT 1:30PM - 4:00PMPatton, ElizabethGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.300.400 (01)Anti-nostalgia in Literature and FilmTh 4:30PM - 7:00PMJerzak, Katarzyna El?bietaGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.300.401 (01)Comparative Late- and Post-Cold War Cultures in China, the USSR, and BeyondF 1:30PM - 4:00PMHashimoto, Satoru; Schmelz, Peter JohnGilman 381Spring 2024
AS.300.403 (01)Emerson, Baldwin, Cavell and the Unfinished Promise of America: Then and NowM 1:30PM - 4:00PMMarrati, PaolaGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.360.305 (01)Introduction to Computational Methods for the HumanitiesTTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMLippincott, Tom; Sirin Ryan, HaleGilman 50Spring 2024
AS.360.306 (01)Computational Intelligence for the HumanitiesTTh 3:00PM - 4:15PMBacker, Samuel Ehrlich; Messner, Craig A Spring 2024
AS.371.152 (01)Introduction to Digital PhotographyF 10:00AM - 1:00PMBerger, phyllis AThe Centre 318Spring 2024
AS.371.152 (02)Introduction to Digital PhotographyF 2:00PM - 5:00PMBerger, phyllis AThe Centre 318Spring 2024
AS.371.303 (01)Documentary PhotographyW 10:00AM - 1:00PMCaro, ChristianaThe Centre 318Spring 2024