Graduate Students

  • Lucy Bergeret

    Lucy Bergeret

    MA, University of Paris 1 Sorbonne

    Research Interests:  Relations between ethics and literature and the history of psychology and psychoanalysis; links between hypnosis and literary texts in 19th-century French literature and the contemporary anglophone novel

  • Katherine Boyce-Jacino

    Katherine Boyce-Jacino

    Research Interests:  Cultural history of astronomy in the 20th century, history of fashion, history of modernity, feminist and queer theory

  • Samantha Carmel

    Samantha Carmel

    Research Interests:  Critique of culture and metaphysics in Nietzsche and Heidegger, and its heritage in German Romanticism (Herder) and Counter-Enlightenment philosophy and literature (Hamann, Spengler, Jünger, Celine...); ontology of technology; aesthetics and phenomenology

  • Misha Davidoff

    Misha Davidoff

    Research Interests:  Philosophy

  • Loumia Ferhat

    Loumia Ferhat

    Research Interests:  Medieval and modern philosophy, especially the questions of novelty and creation

  • Ben Gillespie

    Ben Gillespie

    Research Interests:  Poetry and the visual arts in the 19th and 20th centuries; print culture, manuscript studies, and critical bibliography; originality and sincerity; conceptions of modernism and the avant-garde; Mina Loy and Emily Dickinson

  • Scott Gottbreht

    Scott Gottbreht

    Research Interests:  Interdisciplinary intersection of literature, philosophy, and political theory; theories of empowerment, violence, and oppression

  • Alexander Host

    Alexander Host

    Research Interests:  Ideas about normativity and aesthetics, particularly as they appear in German philosophy (primarily Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche) and post-Wittgensteinian philosophy (primarily Cavell)

  • Ezgi Ince

    Ezgi Ince

    Research Interests:  Intersectional and intermedial links between text, image, and music; sociology of art and music; aesthetics; modernism and avant-garde; poetry and the visual arts in the 20th and 21st centuries; collective memory and trauma writing; American popular culture

  • Jacob Levi

    Jacob Levi

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century European philosophy, focusing on the relationship between language and metaphysics; phenomenological tradition (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty); 20th century German-Jewish thinkers (Benjamin, Rosenzweig, Scholem); the reception of Heidegger in France; fin-de-siècle French literature and its philosophical undercurrents

  • Michael McCreary

    Michael McCreary

    Research Interests:  Dialectical relationships between the traditional and the "modern" and between the natural and the conventional, especially as brought out by political economy as inspired by Marx, educational theory as pursued by Freire, existentialist literature as anticipated by Dostoevsky, and everyday philosophy as imagined by Wittgenstein and Cavell

  • Omid Mehrgan

    Omid Mehrgan

    Research Interests:  Philosophical aesthetics and literary theory in German tradition; Hegelian Marxism and post-Kantian political philosophy; the Frankfurt School Critical Theory; translation; Iranian modern cinema, literature, and intellectual and political life

  • Paula Mendes

    Paula Mendes

    Research Interests:  Time and timelessness as key interdisciplinary concepts, gender studies, philosophy of music, and Brazilian literature and criticism

  • Harel Newman

    Research Interests:  Love and sexuality, the body, alterity, religiosity, and identity; queer, Jewish, and disabled figures within the Western canon(s) of the long 20th century; queer, Jewish, and disabled studies generally; aesthetics; existentialism; postmodern theology; Classical Greek; and philosophies of language and science, particular Greek and existential

  • Hale Sirin

    Hale Sirin

    Research Interests:  19- and 20-century European literature, modernism, 19-century Ottoman intellectual history, ethics, secularism

  • Benjamin Stein

    Benjamin Stein

    Research Interests:  Modernist novel; modernist aesthetics; comparative modernisms; ordinary language philosophy, particularly concerning failures of communication and language in interwar Anglo-American and Soviet traditions; question of the subject and community in modernist literature

  • Christopher Taylor

    Research Interests:  Intersection of philosophical aesthetics, film and media studies, and political theory, particularly the relationship between the evolution of artistic media, theories of thought and action, and practices of spectatorship during the interwar and post-war periods; Brechtian theatre; French, German, and Japanese cinema; comparative film theory; the politics of dramatic and cinematic forms

  • Maddie Wells

    Maddie Wells

    Research Interests:  Relationship between political economy, language, and aesthetics under finance capitalism; Marx’s theory of value; Italian autonomism; the history of affective labor and the gig economy; the political dimensions of new materialism

  • Zacky Umam

    PCD Visiting Student

    Research Interests:  Early modern intellectual history and book culture in the Islamic world; diversity in historical Islam; the intellectual formation and dynamics of Indonesia