Graduate Students

  • Noushin Ahdoot

    Noushin Ahdoot

    Research Interests:  Philosophy of literature, ancient Greek philosophy (especially Plato and Aristotle), tragedy, the modern novel

  • Mengqi An

    Mengqi An

    Research Interests:  Russian literature of 19th and 20th centuries; Russian formalism; émigré literature; East-West comparison; comparative modernisms; philosophical aesthetics; gender; literature and intellectual history

  • Emilee Brecht

    Emilee Brecht

    Research Interests:  20th-century European literature; intersections of literature and philosophy; ethics, violence, and spirituality (Simone Weil, Iris Murdoch, Kierkegaard); environmental humanities; theories of knowledge; the relationship between the humanities and the sciences (esp. in the work of Michel Serres).

  • Samantha Carmel

    Samantha Carmel

    Research Interests:  The importation of the concept of “value” from political-economy to moral and political philosophy; common influences, intellectual exchange, and affinities between the radical right (Carl Schmitt, Ernst Jünger, Ludwig Klages, et al.) and Western Marxists (Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Ernst Bloch, Theodor Adorno); the philosophical foundations of the Weimar Republic’s “Conservative Revolution”; theories of violence; critiques of liberal democracy; German Idealism; 20th-century European intellectual history

  • Ezgi Ince

    Ezgi Ince

    Research Interests:  Intersectional themes across text, image, and music; jazz; sociology of art and music; aesthetics; modernism and avant-garde; poetry and the visual arts in the 20th and 21st centuries; American popular culture; intellectual property and copyright law

  • Nathan McCabe

    Nathan McCabe

    Research Interests:  Modernism and the avant garde in American poetry, photography, and film of the early 20th century; media theory (particularly in reference to photographies and phonographies); philosophical discussions of intentionality and aesthetic autonomy; ordinary language philosophy.

  • Michael McCreary

    Michael McCreary

    Research Interests:  Educational theory and philosophy, critical pedagogy, the intellectual history of literacy studies and learning to read, American higher education and the public role of the humanities, the pedagogy of philosophical methods, ordinary language philosophy (Wittgenstein, Austin, Cavell, Diamond) and its relation to literature (Dostoevsky, Coetzee, et al.) and literary studies, Wittgenstein's philosophy of psychology, the philosophy of imagination, "postcritique," contemporary popular culture and new media (cinema, television, internet/social media)

  • Marshall Meyer

    Marshall Meyer

    Research Interests:  German idealism; psychoanalysis, especially the Ljubljana Lacanian School and transcendental materialism; art and politics under the Anthropocene; new formalism

  • Barthélémy Morin

    Barthélémy Morin

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century European literatures, WWI literature, reader-response theories, ethical criticism (F. Leichter-Flack), aesthetics (Rancière), theory and history of the novel (Pavel), narratology (Genette)

  • Harel Newman

    Research Interests:  Love and sexuality, the body, alterity, religiosity, and identity; queer, Jewish, and disabled figures within the Western canon(s) of the long 20th century; queer, Jewish, and disabled studies generally; aesthetics; existentialism; postmodern theology; Classical Greek; and philosophies of language and science, particular Greek and existential

  • Griffin Shoglow-Rubenstein

    Griffin Shoglow-Rubenstein

    Research Interests:  intersections of literature and philosophy (aesthetics, phenomenology, idealism, pragmatism); lyric theory, poetics; 20th- and 21st-century poetry; avant-gardes, history of experimental literature; critical theory; film; questions of method

  • Hale Sirin

    Hale Sirin

    Research Interests:  Philosophy of literature, early 20th-century literary modernism, German and Turkish modern thought, narrative theory, media theory and digital humanities.

  • Christopher Taylor

    Christopher Taylor

    Research Interests:  Media theory and history; animation and new media; Japanese cinema and literature; comparative film theory; philosophies of technology; history, philosophy, and aesthetics of artificial life

  • Eleni Theodoropoulos

    Eleni Theodoropoulos

    Research Interests:  19th-century European philosophy and literature, esp. the Victorian and Gothic novel, folktales, feminist theory, aesthetics, the theory and history of literary genre, narratology.

  • Maddie Wells

    Maddie Wells

    Research Interests:  Twentieth-century American art and poetry; contemporary art; Marxist-feminist theory; history of work (domestic, clerical, sex work); experimental cinema; Marx and ecology; process philosophy; affect theory

  • Siyu Xie

    Siyu Xie

    Research Interests:  Pre-modern Chinese thought; intersection of philosophy and literature, the literary nature of theoretical texts vs. normativity of the fictional; semantic history, layers of meanings of words in different texts and their intertextual relations; history of music notation forms; aesthetics; intellectual history.