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Students are required to take ten graduate level courses (600-level) for grades in their first two years of study. Of the ten graded courses, five must be courses offered by the core faculty in the Department of Comparative Thought and Literature, including a mandatory pro-seminar on comparative methods and theory for all incoming students in the fall semester of their first year.

Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.010.681 (01)Figuration after FormlessnessW 4:30PM - 7:00PMSchopp, Caroline LillianGilman 177Spring 2023
AS.040.615 (01)Ovid's MetamorphosesW 1:30PM - 4:00PMBennett, Jane; Butler, ShaneGilman 208Spring 2023
AS.211.620 (01)The Aesthetics of EmpathyW 3:30PM - 5:30PMJerzak, Katarzyna El?bietaGilman 480Spring 2023
AS.213.631 (01)Social Imaginaries and the Public Sphere in European Literature, 1760-1815F 1:30PM - 3:30PMFrey, Christiane; Moser, ChristianGilman 381Spring 2023
AS.300.611 (01)Schopenhauer’s ‘The World as Will and Representation’F 1:30PM - 4:00PMLisi, LeonardoGilman 208Spring 2023
AS.300.636 (01)Forms of Moral Community: The Contemporary World NovelTh 1:30PM - 4:00PMOng, Yi-PingGilman 208Spring 2023
AS.300.804 (01)Dissertation ResearchMarrati, Paola Spring 2023
AS.300.805 (01)Literary PedagogyMarrati, Paola Spring 2023
AS.300.891 (01)Summer ResearchMarrati, Paola Summer 2023
AS.300.891 (02)Summer ResearchSiraganian, Lisa Summer 2023
AS.300.891 (03)Summer ResearchLisi, Leonardo Summer 2023
AS.300.891 (04)Summer ResearchHashimoto, Satoru Summer 2023
AS.300.891 (05)Summer ResearchOng, Yi-Ping Summer 2023
AS.010.730 (01)Vulnerable ImagesT 1:30PM - 4:00PMMerback, Mitchell; Schopp, Caroline LillianGilman 177Fall 2023
AS.211.791 (01)Film Theory and Practical MethodsF 2:00PM - 4:00PMWegenstein, BernadetteGilman 479Fall 2023
AS.213.608 (01)Literary Geographies: Landscape, Place and Space in LiteratureT 3:30PM - 5:30PMGosetti, Jennifer AnnaGilman 479Fall 2023
AS.300.623 (01)Modern American Poetry: Engaging FormsM 1:30PM - 4:00PMSiraganian, LisaGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.628 (01)Introduction to Concepts and Problems of Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Critical TheoryTh 2:00PM - 4:30PMMarrati, PaolaGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.634 (01)Contemporary Opera and Literature: Identity, Society, PoliticsTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMSchmelz, Peter JohnGilman 208Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (01)Dissertation ResearchMarrati, Paola Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (02)Dissertation ResearchBennett, Jane Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (03)Dissertation ResearchLisi, Leonardo Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (04)Dissertation ResearchOng, Yi-Ping Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (05)Dissertation ResearchSiraganian, Lisa Fall 2023
AS.300.803 (06)Dissertation ResearchHashimoto, Satoru Fall 2023
AS.300.805 (01)Literary PedagogyMarrati, Paola Fall 2023
AS.300.812 (01)Graduate ResearchBennett, Jane Fall 2023